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 camera in right place at right time

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after th

PostSubject: camera in right place at right time   Thu May 21, 2009 6:51 am

camera fades in:

space cadet is in the process of slamming casket crushers head into the wall. Space cadet stops to pose for the lunar lander for the camera, then continues turning casket krushers face into a crimson mask with the assistance of the concrete wall.

That was for cheating out there tonite with the razor blades in the tape trick you pulled. That is the only way this loser won.

I demand a rematch with this low down cheating patsie! Do you hear that g.m.? It took everything this ----> guy had to beat me, and I couldn't even see through the blood his razor blades caused. Pay backs are only fair.

camera fades out to commercial.
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camera in right place at right time
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