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 Paul Thame finds his locker room

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Paul Thame


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PostSubject: Paul Thame finds his locker room   Mon May 04, 2009 6:27 am

*The door swings open with a slightly deafening clang, as the room is so silent. First in steps Ruby May and Sophie Campbell, dressed in denim shorts and merchandised T-Shirts. They walk around the room, waiting.

Sophie: When Paul promised top class locker facilities, I didn't expect this...

Ruby: I'm thinking the same. Alas, I'm sure with a bit of paint here and a bit of paint there we can make it look better!

Sophie: Judging by it, anything will look better than this dump!

*On that word, Paul Thame walks in, dressed smartly in a black suit.*

Paul: A little bit of style never goes amiss these days...

Sophie: Oi! I thought you said a top class locker room?

Paul: I did. Give it chance, it needs decorating. It's one of the largest rooms they had here, that's why it's top class!

Ruby: Exactly what I said, it needs decorating!

*Paul opens a bag that contains three pots of sky blue paint, and three paintbrushes*

Paul: So, what are you waiting for? Get painting!
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Paul Thame finds his locker room
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