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PostSubject: Commercial   Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:51 am

Sweettooth stands behind a table with his arms crossed. Wearing his shirt that reads "Come on with it," and his baseball cap that just says "Sweettooth."

Sweettooth: Hello everyone. This is one of your superstars, Sweettooth. It's a pleasure to be on a show with a hot GM, anyways. I'm coming to you with some all new stuff.

He points to the table.

Sweettooth: Yes, your sight is just fine, this is the new Sweettooth action figure, complete with a steel chair and the championship belt-

Jet Li runs in and shakes his head.

Jet Li: But you're not the champ.

Sweettooth sighs and looks at Jet Li.

Sweettooth: Jet... don't you have something to do?

Jet Li: Yeah, but I was just saying, you've never held a belt.

Sweettooth shakes his head a little and lifts Jet Li into the air, then headbutts him and chokeslams him through the table, executing a mortal Firebomb.

Sweettooth: Finisher not included...
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