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 A New Superstar! (Unformatted/Unfinished)

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PostSubject: A New Superstar! (Unformatted/Unfinished)   Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:44 am

The arena lights turn off. Smoke covers the ramp and music plays thoughout the arena. The titan tron goes black, then the arena lights go back on.
A man walks down the ramp with the mic in his hands while the crowd is astonished.

The Vivid: Hello!

The crowd remains astonished, and silent.

The Vivid: Yes.. I know what you're thinking. "Who is this guy?" you may ask. Well. I'm not to be afraid of, I am a good friend of yours, well, soon to be that is.
I'm an average height man, and I am an average weight wrestler aswell. Feel free to ask questions.

The crowd's hands from around the barrier pop up in excitement. The Vivid chooses a little girl.

Little Girl: Are you a CBF wrestler?

The Vivid timidly laughs

The Vivid: Yes. Aha. Why else would I be here?

The Vivid chooses a father.

Father: Can we all see you wrestle?

The Vivid: Sure, why not. Just to make you happy, let's do this right now!

The Vivid drops the mic, calls a referee into the ring, and walks backstage.

He finds [Name] standing around.

[Name]: Hi. What is it you want?

The Vivid: I want to wrestler with you, I am new here, and the crowd wants to see me in action!

[Name]: Alright. Friendly match? Don't want too much violence witnessed on the crowd.

The Vivid: Sure.

The both shake hands, then walk out to the arena awaiting on their match to begin.
The crowd roars.
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A New Superstar! (Unformatted/Unfinished)
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