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 Helldogg'z basement

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Helldogg'z basement Empty
PostSubject: Helldogg'z basement   Helldogg'z basement Icon_minitimeMon Apr 06, 2009 12:13 pm

Helldogg drops into the basement from a small gap in the cieling, ignoring the almost broken door in the corner of the room. He walks to the centre of the room where there appear to be some strange markings on the floor, he stares at the marking on the left and begins to speak "the plan is in effect master, they will come to me, what would you like me to do... how should i know? I am merely a servent to you, *takes ahold of his own throut as if being choked* I'm, sorry, master, but i dont understand *the grip is released suddenly and the room falls silent as a shadowy figure appears at the door*.
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Helldogg'z basement
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