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 Tag Team - Neek and Sussone

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PostSubject: Tag Team - Neek and Sussone   Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:17 am

[A clip appears on the titantron, revealing Neek and Sussone training in the gym. Sussone notices the camera watching, and walks up to it]

"Just what the hell is going on here!!! Bloody big brother coming and spying on our training session!!!....

Well... While your here.. I might as well inform you that Neek is my tag team partner in TWG. And he IS the only man i will trust here. Too many snakes slithering in the reeds around here.. know what i mean???

So... GM!!! Me and Neek are a tag team. Put us against ya best...cos we will claim the titles, and keep them for the life of this federation"
[Sussone gets angrier as he finishes that sentence]

*Sussone grins at the camera slyly, starts to walk away.... THEN TURNS AROUND AND BREAKS THE LENS WITH A QUICK RIGHT HAND!!!!

The camera goes blurry... then fades to black.....*
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Tag Team - Neek and Sussone
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