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 Condition Update

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Paul Thame

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PostSubject: Condition Update   Condition Update Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2009 8:35 am

There is a press conference being held backstage. The only two people being interviewed however are not wrestlers. Ruby May and Sophie Campbell, sitting at a desk with a gaggle of wrestling journalists, are about to make some sort of announcement.

Sophie: Ladies and Gentlemen. We know you're all waiting for news on how Paul is feeling after the PPV ambush and loss to The Convict

Ruby: All we can currently tell you is that he's got no lasting damage, the CBF doctors are currently running more tests on Paul, the worst they fear is concussion.

Sophie: He will be hopefully fighting fit for the start of the next season, so there is in no way, shape or form Paul will be fighting again this season

Ruby: Paul has asked us to tell his fans to believe in him, and believe that he'll be alright.

Sophie: That is all we have to say for now, we will let you know more in the future, as soon as we get more information
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Condition Update
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