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Paul Thame

Paul Thame

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Ambushed?? Empty
PostSubject: Ambushed??   Ambushed?? Icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2009 3:28 am

Entrance music plays as the crowd cheer in expectation. There is a small delay, and the crowd start to worry.

JD: What's happening here? Normally Paul Thame comes out to that intro music...

The music still plays, but still nobody comes out

JD: This is starting to worry me now. Not a single sight of Paul, Ruby or Sophie... someone, try and find out what's going on!

After what seems to be an age, Ruby May and Sophie Campbell eventually sprint down to the ring

JD: Thank God! I thought something bad was happening then

Sophie, normally the shy one to speak in-ring, grabs a mic

Sophie: Ladies and Gentlemen, sorry for the delay. Let me introduce you, once again, to our boss. Paul Thame!

The entrance music plays once again, but still Paul doesn't come out from the ramp.

Sophie: And again. Paul Thame!

Still no response. Ruby and Sophie look around, confused, as if they have lost Paul.

Ruby: Come on Paul, this is not a joke! We've been looking everywhere backstage for you, this is beyond a joke now!

Finally, an image is shown on the TitanTron. The Convict is pictured, standing above the lifeless body of Paul.

JD: Oh my! Someone go backstage and help Paul!

The Convict stands above Paul, laughing as security go backstage and find them. Security push The Convict away, as medics see to Paul. They are closely followed by Ruby and Sophie, who follow Paul.

JD: Well, those two are meant to have a match tonight but it looks highly unlikely now! Can Paul recover in time for the fight tonight?
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