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 Old match in new federation

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Old match in new federation Empty
PostSubject: Old match in new federation   Old match in new federation Icon_minitimeTue Jun 02, 2009 1:50 pm

BGfanspower is sitting on the couch, giving interview. He's with Chainsaw Bunny factory reporter.
Reporter:Well, BGfanspower, you told me you want to have a match with someone, chosen by you. Who is the wrestler?
BGfanspower:Yes, I'll tell his name, but first let's say something about this match. First, we have fought before with this guy. He won. I wanted an revenge, but I couldn't have it, because of the circumstances. Now, you know who I'm talking about, Paulthame. I respect him , but i want to defeat him in this rematch, for my pride mainly.
Reporter:I can predict interesting match. There is something...personal in it.
BGfanspower:Sure, you can say that.
Reporter:Ok, BG, I've finished my job, you said what you had to, now the ball is in Paulthame's field.
[color=red]BGfanspower:I think he will take the right...and the only correct decision.

Reporter:You're confident in your words, I don't have to even mention that.Goodbye for now.
BGfanspower:I'll be rewarded for my confidence, i'm sure. Goodbye.
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Old match in new federation
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