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 space is pacing

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space cadet

space cadet

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space is pacing Empty
PostSubject: space is pacing   space is pacing Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2009 11:26 pm

camera catches him pacing

back and forth, back and forth.

announcer:what is wrong space?

space says: I am getting bored with lighting my self on fire. I need to light casketkrusher up again. Despite how much I enjoy lighting my self on fire as per my avatar, I really need to burn someone else fast. I might lose my patience and attack the g.m. if I don't.

announcer: why do you have this issue with casket?

He is by far one of the best wrestlers in this fed. I just want to prove I am the best. I hate him right now, I really do. He walks around with such a swagger, like he is a legend. A legend in his own mind is all he is. I am out to prove it once and for all.
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space is pacing
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