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 official Debut interview

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PostSubject: official Debut interview   Sat May 30, 2009 6:26 am

Interviewer: Hello i am here with our new up and coming superstar 'The one the ONLY' Christiann

Interviewer:So, Christiann how are you enjoying the Chainsaw Bunny Factory?

Christiann: Enjoying isnt the word, iv watched this show since the first episode and im really looking forward to getting more opportunitys.

Interviewer: So what championship would you most like to hold?

Christiann: Well, obviously the World Championship but i wouldnt mind working my way up with a tag team championship or Hadcore championship

Interviewer: Well, good luck in your match tonight!

Christiann: Thanks im gonna win *winks to camera*

Interviewer: Thats Christiann everyone, his match is up next

*scene fades*
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official Debut interview
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