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 Making Amends

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Paul Thame

Paul Thame

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PostSubject: Making Amends   Making Amends Icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2009 5:18 am

(To be used on Thursday's show as a early-show RP, as this is a morning scene and I expect Bgfanspower to do a RP for our match in the in-ring section)

Paul Thame is in his locker room, after a week off to reflect on yet another loss in one of his apparently signature matches, the Cell of Hell. He is sporting a bandage around his head from a cut sustained in the match.

He is deep in coversation as always with his valets, Sophie Campbell, who is looking in her locker space, and Ruby May, who is behind an old-fashioned clothes screen getting changed.

Paul: This isn't what I planned when I came here. I thought the competition would be a bit easier than our old home, but in fact it's turned out to be a lot tougher, especially with that Convict around!

Sophie: Yeah. PWN had some good fighters, no doubt. It was a miracle when you actually won a match there. Perhaps you're a bit too much out of your depths with the Convict. The way he took you out in the Cell of Hell was tough to watch for me and Rubes.

Paul: I know that. I saw you two look at me whilst I was trying to stand up, the look on your faces when Convict climbed out of the top of that cell. I guess I bit off more than I could chew as soon as I challenged him to it.

Sophie: You were right to challenge him! Don't beat yourself up over it. Liven up! You still have a match tonight against an old adversary.

Paul: Ah yes. Bgfanspower. if my memory serves me right, I beat him?

Sophie: Yes, that Sharpshooter proved helpful.

Ruby comes out from behind the screen, wearing a skimpy dress, so skimpy her swimming wear was showing at parts

Sophie: I swear I need to teach you about modesty sometimes...

Ruby: Hold on a minute. You've worn worse than me! Whatever makes you wear jeans with holes is beyond me...

Paul: Enough!

The two girls stop arguing before they get into full swing

Paul: Ruby's got the right idea anyway. There's free admission to the open air swimming complex, she's always wanted to go there but we've said it was too expensive. My bandage can come off for a while, it's getting a bit irritative. We'll have a swim and then prepare more for my match tonight!

Sophie looks around to the two of them. She rolls her eyes back, and goes back to her locker and rummages around.

Sophie: Does it look like I have an option?

Paul: No.

Ruby: Come on, should be fun! Paul's losses are getting to him, all three of us need this.

Sophie: Fine...

She picks out a swimming set from her locker and changes behind the screen as the cameraman leaves.
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Making Amends
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