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 Meet the maker.

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PostSubject: Meet the maker.   Thu May 14, 2009 2:44 am

CasketKrusher walks towards the ring with a calloused look upon him. He seems to be anticipating something.
Pulling a microphone from under the ring he begins to shout:

CasketKrusher: For weeks now I have waited patiently to show the world just what I could do to Space Cadet, what pain I could inflict upon him. But...WEEK after WEEK my words go UNHEEDED!!. I've given Jessica O' Brian ample opportunity to offer me this simple sacrifice, a soul to burn. Yet all I seem to find along the way are unworthy combatants and titans that I am yet too weak to overcome. But...My strength grows and as my anger continues to do the same then I can promise you that I will dismantle every wrestler on this roster, as long as it takes. So I ask you one more time, give me space cadet at the next event and all of this will go away. But for every week that goes by where I haven't yet put him through agony, I can assure you that somebody will have to take his place.

CasketKrusher throws the microphone at a member of the audience knocking him unconscious. And as he walks back stage showered in the crowds boo's a smile comes across his face.
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PostSubject: appears and returns   Fri May 15, 2009 12:51 pm

the microphone, sticking it in the forehead of casket. He says, all you had to do was show up, yet you are too chicken to even do that. Instead you call me out when you thought I was on vacation?? Joke is on you, I am here and ready to do battle right here, right now!

ring the damn bell already!
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Meet the maker.
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