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 Shock and Awe!

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Cyclone Warrior

Cyclone Warrior

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PostSubject: Shock and Awe!   Shock and Awe! Icon_minitimeWed May 13, 2009 5:33 pm

Sweettooth and Jet Li are celebrating after their match. They are high fiving talking the fans up. The fans screechs are all over the stadium.
Sweettooth: Are you excited over another big win fans!?
Sweettooth sticks the mic out towards the fans.
Crowd: Yes we are.
Sweettooth: You are gonna see more next week. There is no one in this federation that can top us.
Jet li: Thats because were aw-
An array of explosions explode around the titon-tron.
Sweettooth andJet Li look on to see who this is.
Another explosion is heard and music is heard across the stadium. Sweettooth and Jet Li are stunned as if they know who is coming.

A man runs out with a microphone as the excitement is felt around the building!

The man speaks: Hello CBF, are....you....ready! I am your new superstar...The Cyclone Warrior!
Crowd cheers the new superstars welcome.
Cyclone: Hey Sweets, Jet...
He climbs into the ring and stands in front of the two.
Cyclone Warrior: Whats up? Have not seen you in a while. You thought you two left me behind thinking we would never meet again. But i am here, I will dominate!!
Crowd cheers his enthusiasm
Cyclone: And i will show you some one can top you. My debut match will be against you! One catch though.. I pick my partner!
Sweettooth and Jet li seem like they dont care much.
Sweettooth: Man i dont know why your starting a scene. We were tag partners and have been friends since we debuted together. Nice to see you.
As the two make up Jet Li looks on.
Jet Li: We were rivals along time in the other fed, welcoming you is not gonna happen.
Crowd boo's
Cyclone begins to back out of the ring and up the stage
Cyclone Warrior: Remember guys i'm a comin'
Camera fades out
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Shock and Awe!
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