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 The small Entré

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The small Entré Empty
PostSubject: The small Entré   The small Entré Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 7:02 am

As camera panes into the Locker Room a swift Crimson color flashes before the Camera

Vincent: What do you want?

Vincent looks at the Camera

Vincent: Ah sorry, my mistake - I didn't know I was up for a small chat regarding my new home.. Home?
Vincent: Nevermind!

Camera Zooms in a bit on Vincent who is sitting down on the bench

Vincent: Alright! - My name is Vincent, I am..

Vincent starts to boggle

Vincent: I am not really sure what to tell! - Besides from being..

Vincent scratches his head a bit..

That I am not really sure about either!.. Sorry that I am not much of a help!

Vincent: Please feel free to ask any questions that might come into mind.

Vincent pulls out his handgun Cerberus and places it on the bench right next to him

Camera zooms down on the handgun and then on Vincent

Vincent: Don't worry! I will not be using this while I am here.

Vincent: Well.. Hopefully there is a good fight around here that we can check out anytime soon now.. My fingers are starting to ache for a decent opponent!

Vincent: So any of you Bunnies out there want a decent fight, let me know OK?... Ok!

Camera Zooms out again and is then shut off
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The small Entré
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