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 Poppy's illusion

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PostSubject: Poppy's illusion   Poppy's illusion Icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2009 4:25 pm

Poppy: Hello... Fan's..... this is Poppy your tuning into Look and listen and all you broke people pay attention thank's jessica o'brian for lettting me ummm what rhyme's with o' brian o yea poppy is shining low profile and living a great life style and all you cat's out there dont howl..

Reporter: woooooooo.... that's enough Poppy your getting me a little wolfy you know what I mean ahahah....

Poppy: Not really

Reporter: Okay let's get to the point....

Poppy: Yeah you dirty like oink oink like a pig between a stig...

Reporter: Okay you can stop poppy it's okay........

Poppy: you know Poppy in the CBF imma murda you like and Elf

Reporter: Yo Yo man yo yo poppy yo rhyme's is sloppy so please stop it..

Poppy: Dag dude do you ever SHUT THE F**** up Dam* did they tell you what i did to the last reporter he was close to being murder....

Reporter: Okay do you like being in this Fed.

Poppy: Yes.

Reporter: well stop rapping.

Poppy: What What the heck you say is he stupid okay he's done mad me mad now......

*security hold's Poppy from jumping on the reporter*

Poppy: let me go man imma get'em please imma get you reporter's you some of a B... *Poppy's voice Fade's in the hall*

Reporter: well that was a wickety wack patty wack Poppy sloppy rhyme and one hell of an interview that's all Folk's thank you for tuning in to CBF Chainsaw Bunny Factory Good bye.

WHat do you think
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Jessica Brian

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PostSubject: Re: Poppy's illusion   Poppy's illusion Icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2009 11:12 pm

thank you poppy
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Poppy's illusion
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